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**FREE consultation & physical examination of the vascular 

health of the lower extremities to ensure you are a candidate 

for sclerotherapy treatment**

Please go to "ONLINE FORMS" to print off paperwork prior to appointment.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins or "telangiactasia" are small veins under the skin usually developing from dilated blood channels connected with underlying larger veins. Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for spider vein treatment. Laser treatment, although highly promoted, are expensive, painful and often result in reappearance of spider veins because it does not penetrate deep enough to the "feeder" veins.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is the treatment for veins that are not functioning properly, such as spider veins. It's a non-surgical procedure performed in a comfortable office setting in which a solution is injected into the problem vein causing them to collapse and dissolve.

What can I expect?

Very little discomfort is experienced. The majority of patients having sclerotherapy will have marked improvement in their visible spider veins. It would involve as many as 1-3 treatments depending on how many spider veins the individual has. The treatment usually lasts 30-45 minutes with no recovery time. You will be fitted for compression stockings, which you will be required to wear for 1 week.

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